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BotMate is a platform to build and host powerful and modular Telegram Bots using JavaScript framework called BotMate Script. It comes with modules, libraries, AI-Chatbot development and more.

Getting started

Before you start building on BotMate you must create an account on the website. If you haven't created account, click here to visit to registration page.

You must have basic understanding of JavaScript to build bots on BotMate. If you don't have any knowledge of programming you can use our Builder to build basic bots.

Adding a bot

First step is to grab to login to your brand new account. When you login for the first time, it would ask you to enter bot token, which you can grab from @BotFather on Telegram.

To generate bot token search for @BotFather on Telegram, then send /newbot command and follow the steps, eventually BotFather will send you a generated token which you can copy and paste it inside the input field and click "Done".

Creating Module

After you've successfully added your bot, you will be redirected to your Dashboard. From their you will have to go to "Modules" section a create a new Module. To learn more about Modules, click here.

Modules contains all your bot's code. You can enable or disable any module. For a basic starting with module you can have a look at the following code:

Bot.command('start', ctx => {
    ctx.reply(`Hi, ${ctx.from.first_name}, Welcome to BotMate.`)

This will attach a listener to your bot that whenever someone sends /start command to your bot, it will greet the user by taking their first name from Telegram.