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remac (remote action) is a command-line application which can run action (executable file) remotely via browser

We've all been through running specific command after a git push or maybe on certain event, where we've to login to VPS and the run the command.


To install remac you'll need to have Node.js installed on your PC.

Run the following command to install remac :

npm i -g remac	
install remac using npm


It's very simple to use remac. All you've to do is add your executable shell file and remac will automatically setup web dashboard for you.

$ remac add [file] [label] [...description]


$ remac add git_pull_restart.sh botmate run git pull and restart the server

Next you will need to start remac service by running the following command :

$ remac start

If you wanna stop the service, you can run $ remac stop.

Note: By default remac uses port 11497 to run dashboard.

Why 11497?

Well, if you see closely you fill find its r and a in ASCII format.

r = 114 and a = 97

If you need any help with this project, feel free to contact me.

Github: https://github.com/xencodes/remac