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run npm  scripts remotely from anywhere in the world


It happens that when you need to run an NPM script on certain event and you had to SSH to your VPS and change directory to the project and run yarn build etc.

With, renpm you get a web dashboard from where you can monitor your npm processes, like, start, stop or view logs.


To install renpm you will need to run the following command in your terminal, make sure you've Node.js installed already.

yarn global add renpm

You can check if renpm is installed or not by running renpm -V.


First of all, you will need to have a Node.js project with package.json containing unique name and some scripts.

  • Step 01 - Change your current directory to that project
  • Step 02 - Run renpm add to add the project with the name from package.json.
  • Step 03 - Start your dashboard by running renpm start
  • Step 04 - Visit http://localhost:2240 in your browser to view all the Node.js projects.

If you wanna remove a project from renpm run renpm remove [project name to remove.

You can also update the package.json data of a project by switching your directory in to the project's folder and running renpm update. Make sure that package name should NOT change.

GitHub: https://github.com/xencodes/renpm

Feel free to contact me if you find any doubt.